One Day in Paris

One day in Paris – a dream I’ve had for years. A sign of ‘making it’ – being able to whisk your significant other off to the city d’amour for a meal and a bit of shopping.

I remember chatting with my buddy while at Runix on Dundas St, Toronto back in ’97 – we were talking about making more cash and how spending habits change — I was saying ‘I don’t want a girl who would be impressed that we pay double the price for a steak (The Keg price/value is hard to beat!), I’d rather a girl who would be impressed by a flight to Paris for breakfast for a day’…

20 years later and that day is here! Business class, en route to Paris, and onward Eurostar tickets to London – check, check, check.

We landed into Paris. immigration control was a breeze. Got the bags, piled onto two separate trolleys, zipped through the airport trying to get to the ‘RER’ to centre-ville Paris! For the city d’amour, it always amazes me how trashed Charles De Gaule airport looks. But no time… jokes abound – a macaron? Of course! Mieu Mieu, je suis Pepe Le Piue!

Aarg! Of course! The trolley can’t go on to the moving walkways. Ok dump the trolley and grab the bags – Well that’s what I did. SHE preferred to walk beside the walkway with her trolley – we are racing! Who would be faster? Tied! Of course. So cute.

Now at the RER. Oh – is that a coffee shop? No, non, no… we need to buy tickets fast, there is a train in 2 minutes. Let’s go. Tickets for 2 for 20 Euros… wow… no worries – l’orangerie awaits!

45 min later we’re at Gare du Nord. Plan? Drop the bags at left luggage and then… croissants? Steak frites?? (So many options!)!!

‘Wait… should we take our passports in case we they ask for them at a museum?

‘uh where is my passport???’ My whole passport holder is missing… passport, 600USD, 600GBP.

‘Did you leave it in left luggage? Let’s check’. Not there.

‘Is it on the train?’, ‘Nope I checked to make sure we took everything’. It could only be at the airport….

Don’t Panic!! What a mess… we need to go back!! Aargh… running across the train station to get back to the RER, bought two return tickets to the airport (another 20 Euros!!), and then the hunt begins! Stay in control – we’re in the city d’amour – this city sucks! Why can’t it be easy! Why are there so many scammy people about! Was it left at customs? Can’t be. Maybe left in the trolley on the way before the moving walkway. Or maybe just randomly dropped? Why can’t Pokemon help with this?? First stop ‘Information’ booth. The lady was so engrossed in hearing our story. And then at the end: ’no passport’…. Why did you need to hear our entire story??? Time to split up. R – you talk to the Info person, and then head to the Air Canada desk. R2 – I’ll run through the terminal checking for carts and also meet at Air Canada desk.

Man this airport is big – and it is crazy busy now. Millions of people running around, open to the public. This is Paris – that passport is on it’s way to being used in some organized crime now… no chance…

‘Ping’. A notification on my phone went off. Maybe it is a Pokemon which I need to catch. It’s an email notification. Ignore it. Wait – what is the title?

‘Passport and Purse’….

3 airport workers had found the passport holder (purse) and delivered it to Air Canada who in turn sent it to Lost and Found. Smart idea to add email addresses to the contact section of the passport. Everything was there… the passport, money, tickets. Another Canadian was there at the same time also looking for his ID. I felt bad because he thought that my passport might have been his initially.

So now back to Gare du Nord. Back to the RER (another 20 Euros!). And now late for our Eurostar booking to London. Gotta rush through the GdN station, get our bags from left luggage, get through Eurostar immigration, and on route to London. Ah… 1 day in Paris. I know how to create memories. Don’t forget babe, we’ll always have Paris! Next time we’ll get breakfast too 🙂

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