The SnailMail Project

Rahim and I realized that if we wanted to bring back any souvenirs from this trip, they were either going to have to be really small and light, easy to mail, or simply our own memories! We loved the idea of sending back postcards for our family and friends along the way and thought, “Why not do the same for ourselves?!”. So, we have decided that our big souvenir from this trip is going to be a collage of postcards that we ‘collect’ throughout our travels. Basically, we choose one person from each of the cities that we are traveling in to send us back a postcard in San Francisco. We don’t tell them what to write, but just to write in their own language and a story about us, about them, or about their city. The point is that at the end of our travels, we will come home to a whole bunch of postcards from every city that we’ve been to in the world (hopefully!) and from some of the interesting people that we’ve met along the way. It’s kinda exciting too that we have no idea what they’re going to say…or even if they’ll actually send the postcard!…so it’s keeping us in suspense 🙂

We realized though that as we’re going city to city, so many of our friends have their own stories of their travels in that city and we thought that instead of just making it about us, we wanted to include all of you into this too! So….please follow us on our journey and share with us a STORY from the city we will be at next. We will try to re-create that story and send you back a postcard of our experience or you may just get a postcard from a stranger.

What you should do:
1. Check this page regularly to see what city we will be in next.
2. Comment with your favourite ‘story’ from that city.
3. Message/email us your address if you’d like to receive a postcard!

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  1. lizaamlani says:

    love this idea!!!

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  2. nabil says:

    so trill!

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    1. Funkstop says:

      We just got to Delhi… man this place is night and day from the last time I came… no more #sh!tAndGo smell!


  3. Barry says:

    Rahim, Awesome idea. We go through the same struggle of wanting to bring back memories but do not want to overload the suitcase. So, we often resort to memories being the ones that are captured in the pictures we take. But the idea of having people you meet send you a postcard is incredible. So simple, yet so powerful and special. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Funkstop says:

      Thanks Barry! I was actually inspired to go traveling when we met up in Dallas last year! Just checked out your site – awesome info on it! Will help us for sure!


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