We Are Off Again!

That’s right. The travels continue!

There is only so long that you can feel constrained to one spot, and it has been at least a week now 😉

This time though we are adding a bit of twist. We wanted to add a bit more adventure and also be able to give back. We’ve been inspired by all the charities around the world and want to do the same. We want to feel good about ourselves and we’re enlisting the youth of the world to assist!

We are choosing ‘off-the-beaten track’ countries where we will endeavor to read a book in some of the most difficult areas.

Here’s the plan:

First stop: Cuba! It will be opening up soon and will be spoiled to the dangers of tourism. We hate tourists! We are aspiring to capture the essence and raw sensuality of the Cuban spirit venturing to Plaza Cathedral in Havana and armed with a handful of dollar bills to hand to children.

Second stop: SE Asia. One of the most impoverished areas of the world. We will visit dusty, underdeveloped, and rural coastlines, enduring long days under a burning sun and without readily filtered water. We hope to take to take breaks and risk locally cooked meals in order to support the local industries.

And finally: The debt ridden interior of Italy. Anyone who has been to Italy has no doubt been in shock at their inability to fund the excavation of the hills and unmanageable weed-like vines ravaging the country. We will assist to excavate the poisonous berries with the hope of inflating prices to some degree.

This is where you get to join along and be a part of this great cause! We have opened a KickStarter campaign with amazing Rewards!

summer-reading-533 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2069602556/document-the-world

This is a daunting and difficult endeavor that we have chosen, but we feel that it is obligation to take this burden to help those who can not. There are few things that can make one feel better than giving without the concern of what the impact will be.

Just imagine, for each drink or meal that you fund for us, we will enlist another child to help make that meal, paid in local wages to respect the culture and enabling them to earn a local income!

Please join along – we hope to inspire, and prompt you to exploit and explore soon too! If you can not sponsor, you can still show your support by sharing and liking.

<UPDATE: April 14: we are still receiving messages from people to support us on this…. to clarify… This was posted on ‘April 1st’…>

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  1. Meeting you in Havana! Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

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