Dealing with the Paparazzi in Beijing

When Rahim and I landed in China, we had no idea that we were going to become instant celebrities. Everywhere we went, people stopped to ask if they could take pictures with us. It was as if we had entered Bizarro World. Some people told us that it was the novelty of a new ethnicity, others said it was our height, but I think that people were likely mistaking us for Brad and Angelina….Yes?…No? 🙂

Say “Cheese”!

In any case, the first time it happened, we were standing in Tiananmen Square and getting ready to pose for a picture. A man passed by and offered to help take the picture. He then asked if his daughter could be in the picture with us! We didn’t quite know what to say, except yes and then smiled for our “family” shot!

Still not quite sure what is happening!

Soon after, I was waiting for Rahim to take some pictures of the Forbidden City gate, when a woman approached me and pointed at her camera. I assumed she wanted me to take a picture of her, so I nodded and smiled and the next thing I know, she started jumping and shrieking and passed her camera to her husband to take a photo of the two of us!  The photo with just her, slowly became a photo of 5 as each member of her family joined into the shot. It was pretty hilarious and I stood stunned, but smiling! The funny thing is that Rahim found this so amusing and started taking pictures of all of this happening to me and while he was doing that, others were standing off to the side and trying to subtly take pictures of him! This went on for our entire visit and Rahim even interviewed for a TV show. I’m ashamed to say that we enjoyed it just a little. But don’t worry, we haven’t let this new found fame go to our heads. We are still the same old Bob and Rayma 😉

Posing for photos at The Great Wall.
Being interviewed on the streets of Beijing.

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  1. Karim Kanji says:

    This is so funny and hilarious. Did you witness anyone else of height or colour being photographed? Maybe you two do look like Brad and Angelina…..

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  2. Faiza Venzant says:

    This is awesome! I love the openness and excitement that you received from strangers!

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  3. Funkstop says:

    It really did change our perspective of China and views on ‘openness’ — there was something very nice about their curiosity manifested. I think in North America, we get very hung up on race sometimes, that something like this happening would be considered racist, but this didn’t feel so at all in Beijing. I’m curious what it is like in the smaller cities!


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