Overheards of Dubai


This post is dedicated to the ordinary and extraordinary comments, questions, and phrases that we overheard during our visit to Dubai. There were many more that we have now forgotten and wish we had written down as we heard them (where are those Google glasses when you need them?! :)). We had a great time on our trip to Dubai, in large part to our family and friends who made this visit so special. Nothing beats sunny afternoons watching our five-year old niece at her tennis class or a lazy weekend BBQ with friends. The Burj Khalifa was also pretty impressive to see, as was the Dubai Mall simply because it was unbelievable how many different shops and restaurants from all around the world could be found in one building! Anyway, back to the post, here are our Overheards of Dubai…

  1. Hello Ma’amsir! Can I help you Ma’amsir? Would you like a drink Ma’amsir?
  2. The “crane” is the official bird of Dubai. (I gotta give Nafissa Khoja credit for this one.)
  3. The party was fun, but we could only stay in the “normal” yacht area.
  4. Would you like a fresh juice with your meal? (FYI: The answer to this was always YES.)
  5. Me: Sorry, but we didn’t order this. Server: Oh this is a small gift from us to enjoy with your tea. (As they place down a gigantic tray of fruits and candy and three types of melted chocolate for our own private fondue station).

    Our "bonus" fondue platter.
    Our “bonus” fondue platter.
  6. What? You didn’t fly Emirates??
  7. Which diamond park do you want to go to?
  8. Would you like the plain macaron or the one with gold?
  9. Rather than walk, let’s take the boat to dinner.
  10. Damn, it’s hot out here.
  11. Damn, it’s cold in here.
  12. This is the tallest/biggest/best ____________ in the world.

    The Burj Khalifa - The World's Tallest Building.
    The Burj Khalifa – The World’s Tallest Building.

I’m sure others have some memorable quotes that we have forgotten!

Our Dubai Recos:

Instead of listing them all out, we’re referring to a friend’s new guide book that came out right before we got to Dubai and has great info on shops and places to eat.  The Kindle version was really useful

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